Precision technology on a new level
We configure cold runner systems for processing the inorganic two-component elastomer material LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), HTV/HCR (solid silicone) and rubber (rubber). Simple design, modular system with very good thermal separation between nozzle and cavity are the decisive prerequisites of our excellent cold runner system solutions.


Your advantages

  • Small spacing
  • Good thermal separation of the cold runner nozzles to the cavity
  • Divided distributor with homogeneous channel design
  • Form fitting needles (secured against twisting)
  • Stepless needle stroke of the individual nozzles for balancing filling quantities
  • Quick assembly and dismantling
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Simple replacement of worn out parts


Quality features   

  • Highly precise patented adjustment
  • Nozzle tips made of high-strength titanium (to stabilize the thermal separation)
  • Rust-free version of the cold runner
  • Insulating plate for thermal separation
  • Optimal temperature for complete heating balance
  • Pneumatic cylinders for each individual nozzle



Stitch dimensions

  • NV small ab 28 mm (up to 8 g)
  • NV large / LSR  ab 48 mm
  • NV x-large / HTV / HCR from 48 mm
  • NV Elast (rubber) from 48 mm
  • Special lenghts on request


Open system  

  • Small spacing from 20 mm
  • Smallest shot weights (medical and technical areas)
  • Up to 256 cavities available


Our system stands for fast commissioning when starting up your spraying processes. The coordinated concept of the cold runner enables quick and trouble-free operation.


Cold runner for LSR, HTV/HCR and rubber

  • The patented nozzle regulation with mechanical adjustment unit or optional servoDRIVE 4.0
  • This special developed fexible nozzle compensates for thermal expansion and guarantees durability
  • A heat separation guarantees a trouble-free start of nozzles after long interruptions
  • The locking of cold tools without damage is possible