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We are currently looking for toolmaking technicians m/f for the area: design engineer.


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Our apprenticeship is honored by the Wirtschaftskammer and we currently offer the following jobs:




Start for HTL-aborters possible during the whole year!



  • technical understanding
  • spatial sense
  • eager to learn, team-minded, reliable



  • company fitness center
  • incentive payment
  • work clothes
  • no training costs
  • Company outings



1. year of apprenticeship €  731,-
2. year of apprenticeship €  934,-
3. year of apprenticeship € 1.222,-
4. year of apprenticeship € 1.614,-

Please send your application to:

STADLER Formenbau GmbH
attn: Hannes Stadler

Seebach 2
A-4652 Fischlham
Phone 07241 2336-0